Thursday, July 30, 2009

Red Wine Fights Inflammation

*Red Wine fights inflammation, and the diet-inflammation connection has been well established. This is good news for those of us who suffer from autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Studies show drinking a glass or two of *Red Wine daily along with changes in our diet and lifestyle slow down aging, support a healthy immune system, and decrease chronic inflammation significantly.

Chronic inflammation is caused by many factors including genetics, environment and lifestyle but recent studies prove a connection with diet.
The Western diet promotes inflammation, obesity and has largely contributed to the health crisis we face today.
Red wine and a host of other antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dark chocolate, green tea, and turmeric are a *'line of defense' against inflammation.
In a recent study published in May 2008 (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) it states, "by selecting foods based on total antioxidant capacity it has a 'marked effect' on decreasing inflammatory markers."

Choose Organic *Red Wine to limit pesticide residue.
Green living trends give us great wines from Organic farms and introduce a variety of wines at affordable prices. You can find many at your local supermarket. One of my favorites is a Pinot Noir from California for $13.00. But, I also enjoy many Italian and French wines. We are individuals so our tastes will vary.
'Line of Defense' - Decrease inflammation when cooking by using a variety of spices and herbs like fresh ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, red pepper, raw onions and garlic.
Add raw garlic last to retain nutritional value.

"Good Health To You"

*If you're taking medications or drug therapies they may conflict with a natural approach so please consult your healthcare professional before the use of alcohol including red wine.

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Tanya Lee said...

All the more reason to enjoy that glass of Merlot I love in the evening...not that I needed another reason exactly!

Love this post, what excellent information. Especially helpful for those that deal with or suffer from an inflammatory condition, auto-immune or otherwise.
Tanya Lee

Sandy said...


That's right, so enjoy! Thank you for the nice comment and please come visit again soon. I usually post once a month with health tips and current updates.


"Good Health To You"

lookalikejgarcia said...

Had to stop drinking 12 years ago, need another source of anti-inflammatory? From your Furry Freak Bro.

Sheryl said...

Sandy, Thank you for your blog and your insight. As someone who is also a young adult who deals with rheumatoid arthritis, I find your research and wisdom really valuable. Thanks for sharing it. I will be back again!

Sandy said...

Thank you for the wonderful support by email and comments to this blog.

It means a lot to me to help others with my research and provide support for you in this fight we share.

Chronic Inflammation can be treated naturally through diet and lifestyle change, so stay with the program that works for you.

Keep your email and comments coming...
they keep me going too.


"Good Health to You"

Sandy said...

I want to 'thank' everyone for your comments.

It's truly a pleasure to make so many new friends and receive feedback to my posts.

I need to point out if you're taking medications used in convenitonal medicine, many of these drug therapies conflict with my natural approach to treating autoimmune disease.

Please consult your healthcare professional before use of alcohol including red wine.

"Good Health to You"

Marilyn Kvasnok said...

I’ve heard that red wine can be beneficial, but found I didn’t like wine. Now, I’m getting really good results with a resveratrol supplement. My gray hair has turned blonde again and I’m no longer wearing reading glasses all the time.


Health Advocate said...
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Jennifer said...

Yeah, alcohol is definitely not allowed with methotrexate and also not a good idea for someone like me who is a recovering alcoholic (24 years). But the diet info is helpful and slowly I have been able to change mine quite a bit.

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Anonymous said...

You mention wheat and peppers are a good part of a diet for inflamation. I thought gluten(wheat) and nightshade veggies(peppers) can be bad for inflammation.?

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