Monday, October 12, 2009

Lemon Juice - Health & Beauty Benefits

"Around the world lemon juice is one of the most popular drinks because it is healthy, tasty, and low in cost."

This bright yellow fruit is one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world because of it's numerous health benefits. It is known as a liver tonic and natural antiseptic; the juice of a lemon will destroy harmful bacteria found in cuts and areas of infection. Today many studies claim lemon juice helps to prevent osteoarthritis, diabetes and the development or progression of atherosclerosis.

The fresh scent of *lemon oil is so calming that health practitioners encourage it to help remove mental fatigue, exhaustion, and anxiety. The oil creates a positive mind-frame that removes negative emotions. It's believed that inhaling lemon oil helps increase ones concentration and alertness.

Healthy benefits include:

Immune System: *Lemon oil has high vitamin content and therefore helps increase the immunity of the body and your ability to fight diseases. Lemon oil also improves the circulation in the body.

Skin Care: Lemon juice is a natural skin brightener because it is rich in fruit acids which exfoliate gently to remove dead skin cells for younger looking skin. Lemon juice use over time will bleach darkened or discolored areas. The juice should be applied directly to the skin and allowed to dry. Remove with water and olive oil. As a facial treatment for blackheads, clogged pores and blemishes, apply *lemon juice to areas at night. You will experience a tingle but it will subside. Do not wash your face until the morning. Lemon oil add luster to dull skin and can be recommended for oily skin.

Hair Care: Lemon oil/juice is an effective hair tonic. Use lemon oil to get strong, healthy and shinning hair. Lemon oil can be used for removing dandruff. As a "hair treatment" it adds bounce and shine. After shampooing mix the juice of one lemon with one cup warm water and apply to hair. Allow to remain in hair for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Stomach Disorders: Since lemon oil/juice is carminative, it is used in treating various stomach problems. If you suffer symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, or bloating these can be things of the past. Drinking lemon juice regularly has another added bonus; the bowels are aided to eliminate waste more efficiently so you won't be troubled with constipation or diarrhea.

Everyday I drink the juice of one lemon for every 8-12 oz of water. If you desire sweetness I suggest organic honey.
"Good Health to You"

*Always use organic lemons.

“Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi quotes (Hungarian Biochemist, 1937 Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1893-1986)

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