Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Healing Power of Gratitude

How often do we say or hear those incredibly simple words… “thank you”...
It’s true; sometimes these words are just a formality, but the feeling of gratitude behind them can do wonders for both our mental and physical health.
Gratitude is an emotion so powerful it can transform ones mood from darkness to healing light and renew our zest for life.

Being grateful is an attitude of deep appreciation for the realities that surround us "moment to moment"...each day of our life.
The power of the mind can work for us, or it can work against us. We control what we put into our minds; whether our thoughts are positive or negative. More than any other force in the world, it is the mind which serves as a partner in our health.

Chronic illness does cause many people to lose sight of the reasons they have to be grateful.
This being the case, we need to take time to think and focus on what we are grateful for. Something that has helped many is making a list of things such as the important people in your life, special events, places you have lived or visited that brought joy to your life.

Positive thoughts, like gratitude activate a part of the nervous system which is responsible for such wonderful feelings as peace, love, serenity, harmony and tranquility. Enough said!

Let's take a large dose of “gratitude” to make an enormous impact on our health!

“Good Health to You”

*Dear Readers;

"Thank you" for being here for 2009! Each one of you are very important to me, and you've inspired me in one way or another.
I appreciate you, your questions, comments and feedback.
A special "welcome" to my new followers. "Thank you" for being so patient with me and staying the course through the "flares" or work load.
Trust me, your support has meant everything to me!"

Warmest wishes and looking forward to 2010 with you at my side!

~ Good Health to You

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