Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Life Interrupted - Count Your Blessings

'To dream of the person you wish to be is to waste the person you are.'

Certainly everyone dealing with a chronic illness knows the discouragement of an interrupted life. Everyday is a fight; everyday a new challenge.
Not being able to do the things we use to do causes a great deal of frustration and can foster negative feelings as well as isolation.

"The only thing worse than having an incomprehensible, incurable illness is having an incomprehensible, incurable illness in isolation."

To counteract the negative I've found friendships with those who share and understand my illness to be the most supportive.
You may find such friends at a local support group or an online communities like Twitter, Stumbleupon or Facebook. (@SandyGuerriere)

Suffering from RA or chronic disease may cause anxiety about the future, a fear of becoming immobile or dependant on others. Most of us have thoughts like this especially on the BAD days.
Example: Recently I had to use a hammer to unbolt my front door. My hands were too painful to unlock it.
The hammer worked and I got out! I laugh about it today, because it's a GOOD day! (We share that special language don't we?)

Truly, "A Life Interruped" gives us a unique vision. We learn to appreciate what we have, and not worry about what we don't.
Life is a precious gift that holds meaning for us everyday when we count our blessings.

Daily inspiration: My father said, "Live Life on Life's Terms" and work with what you have!

Drug tip: Prednisone has a 'Boomarang' effect when stopped.

"Good Health to You"

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