Monday, September 14, 2009

Do What You Love & Joy Will Follow

Has your happiness level gone to ground zero, and has your self esteem gone "out the window?"
You are not alone and unfortunately these problems are common even among people who do not suffer a chronic illness. There are many things that can diminish the joy of living. The question is, "What can we do to help ourselves or our loved ones combat this despairing situation?"

One thing we can do is find something we love doing; this brings back joy and give us a measure of happiness. Circumstances may limit or prevent us from taking part in activities we once enjoyed so maybe it’s time to search out a new hobby. Have you tried reading, painting, playing cards or volunteering? The most important thing is that we engage in something that keeps joy alive.

Another thing we can do is share our joy with other people. This increases our happiness level because selfless giving is said to be the greatest enrichment in life. Remember the scripture, “there’s more joy in giving than receiving”…

A smile is a simple way of giving but the influence is powerful. Learn to be wasteful with your smiles, your compliments and practice sharing them with people daily.
If we contribute to the joy of others we reap the happiness benefits.

Twelve years ago chronic illness forced me to leave a wonderful *career that I loved. But, in time I learned to embrace this new life along with it's challenges and began to focus on interests I'd never explored or had time for before.
Today, I enjoy *freelancing part-time. But, I find my greatest pleasure is in writing about my journey with rheumatoid arthritis and sharing how I've learned to cope with autoimmune disease.

Do what you love and joy will follow.

“Good Health to You”

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Sandy Guerriere
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The Autoimmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire In a World Out of Balance" - by Donna Jackson Nakazawa.

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