Saturday, March 20, 2010

Arthritis Today Magazine - Beachcomber - Walking as Therapy

Arthritis Today Magazine is out! It hit major bookstores in late February and you can find it on magazine racks in many drug and grocery stores nationwide.

I am very grateful to Arthritis Today and the team who helped get my story published. It's an honor to share with others who suffer autoimmune disease or arthritis pain some of the ways I've learned to cope.

The article's focus on "Walking as Therapy" is one of the ways I maintain a positive attitude.
Walking can help us get and keep a good mood. There is something about being out in nature that enhances our appreciation for life.
Some of the benefits in walking include weight loss, lower blood pressure, and stress relief which can often lower inflammation and pain.

If walking is too painful, a warm water pool helps tremendously, and water aerobics are excellent to get your heart rate up while being kind to tender joints.

Stress plays a large part in my flares, so anytime I can get out and release pent up emotions by exercising it helps relieve the symptoms.

For those who can't find the magazine or would like to have a copy to share with loved ones here's a direct link.

While writing my book I will continue answering email and comments as time permits. Thank you for your patience and support, you're each one an inspiration to me and my efforts.

"Good Health to You"

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