Friday, July 31, 2009

Olive Oil - Anti-Aging Skin Care Secret

When we suffer from a chronic illness it saps our energy and makes routine heatlh and skin care difficult. Daily routines we once accomplished in an hour now take three, and especially so during flares. Grooming is so important to our self esteem and it's a vital part of coping with a chronic illness.

Putting on a face to greet the world each day was always a habit with me, like brushing my teeth. Rarely did anyone see me without full makeup. Being a professional makeup artist most of my life this came as second nature.
These days it's a differnt story all together. I wear makeup maybe once a week or if there's a special occasion. It takes a lot of energy to do ones hair and makeup, and I never realized that until I struggled with the flares of RA.
Now, I have found that my skin is healthier because I don't use products that aren't organic. I enjoy the early morning sun and as the years go by I find the natural look more appealing.
Not that we should let ourselves go, not at all. But we can stop worrying so much about our looks, while doing the little things that made us feel pretty and glamourous.

Anti aging makeup tricks can help us girls look years younger and organic olive oil is one of my favorite skin care secrets. As a seasoned makeup artist I always focused attention on the eye and lip area since these age faster than other areas of the face. Larger lips and an open eye look give you a youthful appearance and are achieved with artistry tricks.
Makeup techniques take years off your appearance and these tips can be easily taught so you can duplicate the look whenever you desire.
A primary step for good skin care each week is exfoliation, this will help your skin look younger immediately and absolutely radiant after makeup application.
Like the famous Italian actress Sophia Loren, I use olive oil every day. The famous actress Sophia Loren, who is now well over 70 and considered one of the most beautiful woman in the world uses it daily too. Olive oil is an ancient Roman beauty secret and I’ve suggested it's use to my clients for many years.
Try a dab of organic extra virgin olive oil( first cold press) several times a week. It is also a total body moisturizer. Olive oil, or ‘Liquid Gold’ has been used throughout the Mediterranean for thousands of years as both a health and beauty aid. This precious oil has been treasured as a beauty aid because it protects, tones and moisturizes the skin. Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are easily absorbed and water soluble so it won’t clog pores. Premium Olive Oil actually ‘feeds’ your skin to make it firmer, truly ‘anti-aging.’
Scientifically it’s proven Olive Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory agent for total body health. As we age the inflammatory response is higher making Olive Oil benefits of greater value…. ‘Good health to you!’
Directions as a moisturizer for the face: Warm a tiny amount in your hands, pat in gently and not too close to eyes,( makes them cloudy) allow to absorb for 10-20 min., then pat off excess with a soft cloth and proceed with your usual beauty routine. It’s natural, healthy, and gives you a youthful glow! As the saying goes, ….

”You will love the skin your in!”

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