Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Listen To Your Body

After researching nutrition and alternative health care for the past 20 years I've witnessed a 'common theme' which shows up in many studies.
It's of great importance that we listen to the warning signals our bodies try to give us before chronic disease can plan it's disastrous assault.

A good example of listening to our body comes from animals.
Have you ever noticed your dog or cat sniffing around the yard or garden and when it finds a certain green plant and eats it shortly afterwards they will vomit?
Yes, animals instinctively sense when a toxin or micro-organism intruder has invaded their body, and they will look to nature for just the right plant to provide a cure. (for instance chlorophyll or whatever is in the plant)

Modern medicine has failed in many ways to tap into preventative practices such as lifestyle changes, foods and herbs that can help support health to prevent medical conditions and disease.
In fact, there are a lot of negative statistics associated with conventional medical care.
Researchers state that more people die due to medical mistakes, reactions to prescription drugs, infections in hospitals than those who died of heart disease each year!

Health can best be described as the optimum state of physical, mental and social well-being. The way to achieve this optimum state is by reaching out for our personal health potential in an ongoing conscious effort.
We must provide our bodies with all of the requirements of health. At the same time, we must minimize anything that compromises our health which include foods that encourage inflammation, environmental stressors and our own destructive behavior patterns.

The bottom line, we need to become pro-active and responsible for our health and medical decisions along with finding a compassionate, qualified health care practitioner.

It's important we find out how our body functions, and what it needs in order for us to have optimal health.
Rememeber too, we are unique as individuals; what works for one person may not work for another. There's no room for 'cookie cutter' health care!

Most of us desire a long healthy life, and since we weren't handed an 'owner’s manual' it's up to us to take charge and research for answers to our medical conditions.

'Listen To Your Body'...what's yours telling you?

'Good Health to You'

Excellant read:
Extraordinary Healing
by Art Brownstein M.D.

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OriGa said...

Unfortunately alternative medicine is not always efficient, but those who live in harmony with nature from generation to generation can help in cases where official medicine comes to a standstill.
What would have to be successful in self-body long-needed training, which is practically not possible in our turbulent age, full of temptations for a man who had a negative impact on health.
Particularly acute for the body becomes a problem with food, even in peacetime, a very large number of people can not afford food for the total of satiety, not to mention vitamins and minerals that are required by the body, but in an era of global crisis, the percentage of people is growing rapidly.
I am far from medicine, but I see the life around and see how it affects people. Diseases of the people for the most part, more a disease of society, rather than a specific person. Because of the constant stress of pereizbytka negative information, which the grass media rights, is undermined by the human immune system and therefore requires moral support for friends or even the most minor illnesses.

Sandy said...

Thank you OriGa;

You're right, we live out of harmony with nature and many people are dreadfully ill because of it.

The seed of greed has planted health care and medicine into the 'demon weed' we see today.

Thankfully we stand at the brink of a new era of focus towards
sustainability for the planet and health care.

Please focus on organic and natural when available.

"Good Health to You"

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I am afraid that even though I am seeking alternative solutions to RA, I am still letting my nutritionist make too many of my food choices. Thank you for reminding us to take control of our own health and listen to our body.

Anonymous said...

It's unwise to treat RA purely holistically. Aggressive treatment with the right drugs is best to avoid permanent joint damage.

Zulma Morales said...

Good day, during a flare up is it possible to become depressed. Seems I feel this during this most recent flare up and bad headaches. Thank you.

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