Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Raw Garlic for Immune Support

The wonders of garlic are numerous, not only is it a powerful therapeutic herb but it's a strong-flavored seasoning for food. Garlic helps lower cholesterol and high blood pressure and may help prevent heart attacks by reducing blood clotting.

Since Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers usually have infections more often than the general public, "raw garlic" can help them get over these sooner and may actually reduce inflammation in the body.
Garlic is a potent antibiotic and it's especially active against fungal infections and has immune-stimulating properties with antibacterial and antiviral effects.

Personally I use garlic everyday; from my a.m. juicing, as an addition to stir-fry or in salad dressing.

Interestingly enough, the compound principally responsible for garlic's disease-fighting ability (and pungent smell) is allicin, also found in lesser amounts in onions and other white vegetables.

Use garlic often, and remember allicin is formed from an inactive precursor compound only after garlic is mashed or chopped and exposed to air for at least a few minutes. I suggest using "ORGANIC" grown garlic when possible.

Have a glass of red wine while you wait with a piece of fruit or unbleached unbromated bread...

"Good Health to You!"

*Consult your Health Care Practitioner before adding spice or herbs to your diet while taking medications since interactions can occur.

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Shelagh said...

You can swallow a whole peeled garlic clove just like you would a pill.

Sandy said...

Thank you Shelagh!

Interestingly, the ancient Romans used the same garlic medicinal practices of the Greeks, .. a daily dose of 1 to 3 cloves of whole fresh garlic to promote health.

Crushing/chopping/ pressing is best for people with RA, Immune issues, Infections and Chronic Inflammation,...but for those who don't like the taste or smell of garlic,...
'Down The Hatch'... just as you said.

"Good Health to You"

Twitter-->iconic88 said...

Im a fan of garlic and the use of food as sustainable healthy necessities.

Great article!!

Bruce Brown said...

OK, so I have a question. I love garlic, but I'm in sales and I network relentlessly. For a few years I was taking garlic tablets in order to avoid the garlic "cloud" that surrounds me when I eat raw garlic or garlic cooked in foods.

My question, what's your opinion of garlic pills?

Sandy said...


Excellant question and one frequently asked.
Please go to the link below to read the benefits of raw garlic that's crushed.

One suggestion:
If you 'juice' add 2-3cloves. (a favorite blend is carrot, celery & beets)
Smash the cloves and allow to air for about 5 minutes + prior to adding them.
Another suggestion, add pressed garlic to your EVO along with other fresh herbs.
Do this at your "evening meal" when you're 'home alone'...or not going out...just a thought! ;-)

Sandy Guerriere

Hope this helps:


'Good Health to You'

sofia said...

Great article Sandy! I use garlic and the Budwig Protocol to keep my psoriasis at bay....no sign of problems for 2 years with this combination.


Sofia Hogan

A Trivita Mom said...

Thanks, good article. I have tried garlic my biggest problem right now is getting and keeping the swelling and inflammation to go down in my hand.

Sandy said...

Dear "A Trivita Mom"

Thank you for your comment.

May I suggest that you read my post on 'Inflammation Busters'...it will help you.

Certain foods actually halt those "run away" flares of inflammation.

Please let me know how things progress, you can email me anytime.


"Good Heath to You"

Anonymous said...

Umm...love the idea of a glass of red wine. However, those of us with more severe RA who take methotrextate -- and that applies to almost everyone diagnosed now, who is treated aggressively with the Enbrel/methotrexate combination -- know that alcohol is barred from our diets, except on VERY rare occasions.

You might want to point this out.

Tim Baran said...

Great article Sandy. I also love garlic, but don't cook and need to explore ways to incorporate more consistently into my diet.

You mentioned your inflammation busters article. Please post url - would love to check it out.

Keep up great work!

Rob Torres said...

Great information how much garlic useful for our health and improve immune system. Thanks for this information.
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