Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Wilmington NC - Stay Active

Stay active and enjoy a career you love, it's very important for those who deal with RA or a Chronic Illness.
As a Professional Makeup Artist I constantly meet new clients and work with them at happy times in their lives. That makes my job fun!
I get so totally involved in what I'm doing the pain and stiffness take a back seat.
Most recently I had a Bald Head Island Wedding and "thanks" to my assistants Debra and Crystal we had a wonderful day together and my clients looked fabulous!
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Amy said...

It's Amy (shepherdess56) from over at SU...we need to talk...I would love to have you be a guest blogger at my new web site that will hopefully debut by summer...It is called AWE-A Woman of Elegance. I am also on Facebook...are you?

I love your message here at your blog and I believe that we could do some things together in the future.

Peace and happiness to you,


Numbers 6:24-26

Sandy said...

Amy, thank you for your comment. Yes, we do need to talk. I'd love to be a part in your AWE-Woman Of Elegance! Please stay in touch Amy.

'Good Health To You!'

Always, Sandy

Anonymous said...

You epitomise "the glass is half full" outlook which is infectious and to me energizing. My cheque for your therapy will be in the mail.
Cheers for Friday,

Sandy said...

Thanks Tom!

I appreciate your comment, I try to keep a positive attitude even on bad days.
My Dad's motto was, 'Live Life On Life's Terms' and he suffered from Chronic disease for many years.
It is his sterling example that fortifies me today.

Stay in touch!

'Good Health To You'

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