Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ABC News Article - 'Healing Foods That May Fight Pain'

Certain Foods May Fight Chronic Pain Experts Say
ABC News Medical Unit

April 9, 2008

Ten years ago, Sandy Guerriere of North Carolina was crippled with pain and nearly bedridden from her rheumatoid arthritis.
"I was scared......I couldn't do anything, I lay in bed," she said. "The disease is horrible."
That was then! Now, Guerriere is up and walking, enjoying her career and looking decades younger than her actual age.
Her remedy, she claims, is not due to any drug or medical treatment -- but a diet and lifestyle.
Guerriere eats strictly a Mediterranean diet -- rich in olive oil, vegetables and whole grains and avoids dairy, processed flour and sugar. She also swears by juicing -- blending up fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs for a daily, healthful concoction. * She eats Salmon 3-5 times a week from the Pacific Northwest, never farm raised. She buys organic and never eats processed or packaged food.
However, people like Guerriere still stand out as a mysterious example of a food-based treatment for pain from inflammation.

Finding a Balance

In general, most doctors recommend a typical healthy diet for chronic pain sufferers, with an emphasis on fish oils.
"I personally suggest getting Alaskan salmon," said Sherman. "I always tell my patients that fish don't have back pain.
Bottom line, get your weight down and eat a healthy fish-vegetarian-type diet. It's just a basic cardiac diet."
"I still have flares every now and then -- I am not cured by any means," Guerriere said. "I have my ups and downs. But I'm on no drug therapies. I found my own way."


"Thank you for your support, everyone! The comments on this article will help get the word out."
Ways to fight chronic pain and inflammation naturally are in a following article, 'Chronic Pain - Inflammation Busters'

* My comments which were left out of article per my phone interview with Lauren.

'Good Health To You'

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delight said...

i am not interested in medicine, but i have read this aricle with great interest.I am sure keeping diet is very useful and helpful in our life.
now i am sure and this problematic desease can be cured by keeping a proper diet."there are foods that may fight pain".
Thanks a lot for sharing this great idea with readers.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Love the article! I will put this into practice and see if this helps my fibromyalgia. Thank you for this valuable information!

Anonymous said...

Love the article, Thank you ABC! Sounds like Mrs. Guerriere is on to something big. Does she have a book available? Where can I learn more about all the things she has learned to cope not only with RA, but also health and diet that builds our immune system? Does she have a cook book? If anyone knows, please post it here. Thanks again ABC!

Posted by:
kctwm1914 11:54 AM

Anonymous said...

Great story. Keeping a diet is for sure useful. Thanks ABC

Anonymous said...


"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." You have beauty in your heart Sandy!

Anonymous said...

Comments to News article:

When I met Sandy a few years ago she was very incapcitated from this disease and was needing to walk with a cane. She changed to the Mediterranean diet and is doing so much better. The way she sticks to this way of eating and taking care of herself has helped her a great deal. She is very active in communicating with others about RA - check out her blogspot at Keep up the good work Sandy! Lori Jean.
Posted by:
LorJean55 9:38

Anonymous said...

Very interesting story, and diet. I know several friends with RA, and they struggle all the time, asking "can they live a normal life with RA" and the like. Beautiful story, and blog! Have you ever thought about writing your diet or recipes down? I imagine a considerable amount of people would love to see what you eat, and your routine.Regards,
Posted by:
daisytim Apr-10

Anonymous said...

Good points about the mediterranean diet, I know several people who could give that a try. Sounds like this Sandy is a fighter, perhpas this has kept her healthy and strong. Keep it up Sandy, and I too would like to see recipe or diet suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I have known Sandy for years.I have always been inspired by her. She has done things the natural way with great results.
It is truly amazing to see how her health has improved.
If anyone is suffering from RA I highly recommend getting in touch with Sandy.
As a Makeup Artist she is able to continue working PT, but she gets her rest..she doesn't take on more than she can handle.
Sandy is an inspiration to all of us !
Melissa T
Posted by:
melissadmcs Apr-11

Anonymous said...

I recently started on this diet as I need to improve my health and lose a little weight. I am now 62 and need to stay away from fast foods and eat properly.
Jim D
Posted by:
jpd4105 Apr-11

Anonymous said...

I personally know Sandy and all she has gone through. She is truly amazing and it brings her great rewards to be able to share what she has learned with others.
Carol H Dallas
Posted by:
knewitz Apr-11

Anonymous said...

Great article, I have RA, fibro and arthritis running heavily on both sides of my family. I'll be looking for more information on this for preventative measures I can take to reduce my risk.
Would love to hear more from Sandy Guerriere about her diet/routine.
Kelly A.
Posted by:
nawisa Apr-11

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this story, I wish doctors would understand people that are in constant pain and give more support but in reality I don't think they alway know what the heck their doing anyway. I would appreciate a book with advice for a lifestyle of pain management, diet, excerise etc.
Posted by:
imcar 11:40
Admin Link: 14

Anonymous said...

This sounds very interesting, I would like to know exactly how to go about following a diet like this. We need something for people in daily pain, you know like a lifestyle book or something
Posted by:
imcar April 14

Anonymous said...

suttonpda 1 0
A true fighter! Someone that has overcome a dehabilitating disease against all oddes with sheer willpower and perseverance. It shows when you put your mind to it, you can do anything! Everyone has to be proud of you, and what you have accomplished. It is great to see how someone how has succeeded is trying to give back and motivate others to join the fight against this autoimmune disease and others! I can't believe you are 61! Are you sure you are not 41?:)

Anonymous said...

Sandy, Good morning to you too! I have read your blog and re-read it! I just love it & you can be really proud of yourself! I have sent links to two of my friends who also have RA. Isn't it interesting that two of my friends when I moved to this area 20 years ago had RA and I had no idea when I met them? Then it was years later I myself discovered I also had RA. Both friends have since moved away, but we will always share the RA bond.

While I am on my liquid protein diet, I want to do what I can now to get ready to start the Mediterranean diet when I reach my goal weight. So, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on tea's? I can drink unsweetened tea now and have been trying different ones. Would you have any suggestions on flavors that are especially good for inflammation?

Thank you for your inspiration! It is such a blessing to find someone who is real and so supportive! You have inspired me to take charge of my own diet, to not be afraid to try new things and stay positive! You have really empowered me! Thank you so much!
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Spring & Sunshine!
Take care, Joni Theis

Anonymous said...

Ginger Tea is my favorite. Fresh Ginger root acts as an anti-inflammatory by inhibiting COX-2 enzymes, part of the chemical pathway that produces inflammatory chemicals.I keep fresh Ginger on hand at all times. To brew Ginger tea, boil then steep slices of (peeled) ginger root, strain, then add a bit of organic honey if you like. It's yummy and so good for you. Drink as often as you care to. If you prefer, you can buy Organic Ginger Root Tea at your local Health Food Store. Other uses of fresh Ginger; peel and grate it for soups and stir fry but don't over cook it just toss it in at the last moment . Need more help? Google 'inflammation' teas that help / ginger root for inflammation.
'Good Health To You!' Always, Sandy

Jennie said...

I love the information about foods and the inflammatory effects or benefits. I don't think you can underestimate the importance of taking good care of yourself whether you have RA or not, but certainly diet, exercise and reducing stress are necessary for those with RA.

I worry about anyone trying to avoid any medications for RA and relying only on diet and exercise. Perhaps if you have a very mild case of RA you can do that. But if you are living with inflammation you are risking joint damage.

I grew up watching my mom struggle with RA and she is now horribly disfigured, when I was diagnosed my rheumatologist promised my mom that I would not end up disfigured like she is. Medication plays an important role in successfully treating RA, along with having the right rheumatologist, diet, exercise and stress reduction.

Anonymous said...

Posted by:
katynanna952 Apr-16

Thank you Katnyana. I will research that, sounds like your on to something. Keep in touch please. Sandy April 17

Anonymous said...

A great photo display and introduction of your health regimen. I see why ABC News editors were attracted to your website. If our regimen does not give convincing evidence of effectiveness in our own life, it can hardly be recommended and believable to anyone else.
Your photo, as the ABC's Heath editor stated, shows a woman decades younger than her natural (life's) years, which validates the genuieness of your regimen, and you stated, "I did it my way.'
That gives the audience proof we many times can do without pharmaceuticals with their harmful side-affects. Sandy, you are and will always be a winner! You're fearless and confident of what you have learned and know how to use it effectively, your health and beauty gives proof that cannot be refuted.
Congratulations on your well deserved honor and recognition in achieving the power over a life debilitating disease and the courage to let it be known. ( considering that proud doctors could and often stand ready to challenge anyone who presents such a healthful and glowing appearance without Rx support )
The best to you Sandy. Brenda R.

Anonymous said...

Was reading your pages on your diet. Haven't you done well Sandy ...I recall reading 'Blue Remembered Hills' by Rosemary Sutcliff, she was forced into a wheelchair with rheumatoid arthritis at an early age.

April 18.
Submitted by a Stumbleupon friend.

Anonymous said...

I love your story. I must let my mum know she needs to add more fish to her diet as she suffers from arthritis terribly. I have been searching for foods that heal and I came across a site that was quite helpful, you may be interested in taking a look at Hopefully we can all find a way to alleviate pain without the use of drugs.

Anonymous said...

Sue, thank you, I hope your Mom gets better with her diet. Copy out for her my next article on Chronic Inflammation, These are foods that fight it and Food Science backs it up.
'Good Health To You.'


Sandy said...

Thank you all!

Each one of you gave great comments in support of the article written at and my Website.
My posts on diet and healthy lifestyle can help ones dealing with Chronic Illnesses and your playing a part in that support.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

I wish a special thanks to Jan, Amy and Tom, my StumbleUpon family of friends for your comments and support.

Sending love and hugs of healing!

'Good Health To You'

hima said...

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Hope for the best

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Sunshine.
You are an amazing woman, after having been to both your other sites, you are way beyond that. I had a lot of respect for you before, but now you have pushed that over the top.
I can't describe how impressed, and proud of you I am you didn't give in.
Reading your RA blog I got a lump in my throat as I said, hey I know her, I know who she is!
YOU take ones breath away in so many ways. To date, you are the most impressive person I have ever met. Damn you are amazing!
(StumbleUpon friend)

Sandy said...

Thank you!

I am so appreciative at the huge response to my RA blog.

I started this blog to reach out for support to others with RA or Chronic Illness since recently moving to a new area. But,
in time my blog focused on helping others.

I found that by sharing my research, personal experience, this became a kind of therapy for me. In turn, it was support for many who read it.

I've made wonderful friends here, and I truly care deeply for you.
Thank you for your sincere and kind comments, for taking the time to read my posts, .... and for just being YOU!

My heart goes out to those who struggle daily with this dreadful disease, suffer from medication side effects and the loss of immune system function, ...I pray something will help you regain health.

Always, Sandy

'Good Health To You'

Sandy said...

Yes, I'm a "woman who's worn many hats" and at this point in life I've just barely scratched the surface in knowledge!

To help take my mind off of my illness I write for several blogs and am a professional Makeup Artist with a local business in NC.

RA has it's limitations, so I don't live my life as I would like.
But, I've used this disease as a springboard to discovery that I can meet the challenges head on.
Actually the disease has opened up doors I hadnt know existed and brought me new opportunities in learning.

I have also learned what's most important in my life.

I began the RA blog selfishly in an attempt to 'reach' out for personal support. It ended up an educational site to help others cope and support those desiring to help themselves by means of lifestyle changes.

I'm also an Environmentalist being deeply concerned for future generations so I write for Green Eco Voice at

I hope this gives you a bit more information about 'Sandy'...and
'thank you' for asking....

Cheers! Sandy

"Good Health To You"

Anonymous said...

I too have found relief from RA by following a similar diet. I am so happy to see that others are also trying it and finding relief. I worry that we are becoming too dependent on drugs to solve our diet related illnesses, but this article gives me hope!

Fernando said...

My youngest daughter of 17 has been diagnosed with RA and she happened to come across your site by herself.Your site has encouraged and given her support she needs at this time.
Thank you Sandy for sharing,God bless
you. :)

Calgary Foot Doctor said...

wow, it is really encouraging to read these comments. i am so glad others are trying this. I have JRA and have been following a gluten-free and vegan diet for awhile now and have also found relief from joint pain. I hope that everyone with ra tries this! it really does help

azuankota said...

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