Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rheumatologist? - Finding The Right Doctor

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." ~ Thomas Eidison

When dealing with chronic illness it's crucial we find the right doctor. You could say,'s a matter of life or death. One thing that repeatedly comes up in conversatation with fellow sufferers about medical care is the importance of feeling comfortable with their doctors.
Sometimes patients feel because they were referred to a particular specialist by their primary care physician their bound to this doctor's treatment plan.
Don't believe it! Nothing could be further from the truth.
When I was diagnosed with RA I went through several doctors before finding one who treated me with compassion, dignity, listened to my concerns about treatment and encouraged questions.
Some drugs and treatments that are encouraged can cause irreversible damage. Do research and take into consideration your family history. Truly, a good relationship with a trusted doctor or health care provider is one of the most important decisions you will make.


1. You don't feel your doctor listens to you or to what you say
2. You feel uncomfortable asking questions
3. You don't feel you can say NO to a treatment or proceedure
4. You don't think you are getting proper explanations of what is happening
5. You don't trust your doctor.

"Good Health to You"

*Special thanks to my health care professional.

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mochacoffee said...
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Sandy said...

Eating natural foods and the best available will help you age well and stay healthier whether or not you have a disease at this time. Take steps now to prevent and help ward off the prospects.
I like your approach to setting realistic goals for yourself Elvera, keep up the good work! Please do check back with me.

Always, Sandy

'Good Health To You'

Sandy said...
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HeadSpace said...

Once again Sandy, great advice. having spent 30 years in health care, I know your words ring true. So many doctors don't care to listen to their patients. And frequently, the 'treatment du jour' or what I call 'medically fashionable' treatment is all too often the latest and greatest drug or medical procedure as hawked by the most recent drug salesman to visit the doc.
In light of this, it becomes essential, yes even a matter of life and death, for patients to be well informed.
Thank you for making such great information available!

Phil Mancuso, DC

Anonymous said...

I have had the experience of feeling like I couldn't say no to a treatment! Luckily I escaped and haven't gone back to the doctor! thanks for the post!

EMR said...
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Bristoll Cardiff said...
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Mandy said...
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Anonymous said...

need your help!!!! 20 yr old female with RA had it since I was 13. iv been threw hell! between doctors and hospitals im losing control of my life, I don't noe what to do, my doctors wish to put me back on med's and I've gone threw it all before each and every time I end up real sick in the ER. my doctor wont listen and I have no insurance to cover my med expenses, that doctors keep blowing me off please I need your help even if its just giving me sum info it would be greatly appreciated!
my e-mail

thank you: Vanessa.

Sandy said...


I suggest you seek support at the Arthritis Association.
They have a wealth of information.

Please read other posts I've written. They may help you cope better with the disease.
I deal with the flares and limitations of RA without medication.

You may wish to try my diet and lifestyle changes. But, seek a medical professional you feel comfortable with and trust.
Vanessa, together you can work to meet the challenges of RA.

I hope this helps. You can email me anytime.

"Good Health to You"

Adam Huber said...

Hi Sandy,
I appreciate the service you are giving with this blog. I had very severe RA twenty years ago, I could only walk a little bit with a cane and was almost in a wheel chair. I was completely cured of this in four months with a therapy that I outline on my website. Its called Metabolic Therapy and uses only natural substances that the body recognizes as being useful. I had tried all of the natural remedies I could find for 11 years to no avail. The therapy consists of a higher protein diet, mostly chicken and fish...also sugarless smoothies...along with clear chicken broth made using the chicken feet. This is combined with daily vitamin B injections, especially B 12. Along with this, a complete complement of supplements is ingested twice a day. All sugar is eliminated from the diet, even fruit. A lot of digestive aids are given, especially enzymes and hydrochloric acid. What this does is it nutrifies the hypothhalamus, along with the pituitary and thalamus, causing ithem to give out proper commands and to stop giving the command to destroy good tissue. It also usually sends the body into a deep detoxification. Mine lasted a month. At four months, I noticed that my knees where no longer hot, I noticed this the next day as well. I had my blood checked for inflammation shortly sedimentation rate went from the high 80's to 7, I was in the normal range. I have been free of any symptoms, as I say, for the past twenty years. I mostly get around by bicycle and do full days of work. I have written a book about my experience for those who are interested or those who have tried everything with nothing to show for it.
The website is:
I so much appreciate having this forum which has helped so many.
Adam Huber

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